The second easy way to compress your project file dramatically is to copy its contents into a new file using the Copy to Project command. Copy to Project allows you to copy and paste sections from one project into a new or existing project while, either, maintaining the format of the original sections, or changing their format to match the project begin merged into. You can select individual files to copy, or use the ‘Ctrl-A’ key sequence to select the entire project.

For our purposes, we want to first select the entire project file for copying. Type ‘Ctrl-A’ and then right-click a selected file to bring up the Context menu. Then choose Copy to Project.

The default is to create a new project from the files we are copying, which is what we want. However, the space saving is gained by only copying the latest edit of each section, and the original master file. All the intervening edits are ignored. You can control the sections to copy from the panel at the top of the Copy to Project dialog. The default is to copy a maximum of two copies of each section (plus the structured master if it is avalable). As long as you do not choose ‘Full History’, the file will be compressed significantly. (Turn on the ‘Inactive’ checkbox in the old and new project files to see the number of sections that were copied and ignored.) Then archive the saved copy or continue working with the new project file.