Training for SPECedit and NMS-Edit Professional

Training Courses for SPECedit and NMS-Edit PROFESSIONAL are offered on request for a nominal fee. The cost includes course material and workbooks for up to 8 students.The client must supply a training room containing a shared printer and enough computers to allow one per student.The computers must be pre-loaded with NMS-Edit.The course typically lasts 1 1/2 days with the afternoon of the second day available for additional help.

This lesson discusses the structure of the National Master Specification. Students launch the SPECEedit or NMS-Edit Professional program and have a quick tour of its menu structure.

Lesson 2 introduces students to some of the unique editing features of NMS-Edit. Each class member opens a document and learns how to cleanup options, remove Spec Notes, and dress up the document prior to printing.
Exercise 1 follows.

This lesson explores the basic keyboard editing commands in order to create new paragraphs and renumber them.
Exercise 2 follows.

Students in this lesson learn about the various editing modes available in the program, the control settings and their meaning, and how to work in the section header and in tables.
Exercise 3 follows.

Here portions of one section are copied and pasted into another section. Students learn to recognise the various types of files in the system and their meaning. New formatting options are introduced.
Exercise 4 follows.

This lesson describes new preference settings and delves into the NMS-Edit printing subsystem and how to control formatting in a section.
Exercise 5 follows.

Lesson 7 examines the NMS-Edit macro files and how to edit them. Sections are imported and exported to and from Word and WordPerfect.
Exercise 6 follows.

This final lesson explains the NMS updating process and how to print new sections in the update. Students examine the headers of projects they have built in previous exercises. They learn how to perform final checks and cleanup of the project.
Exercise 7 follows.