Model Probe is an OpenBIM connection to 3D models. Model Probe understands the model data and interprets it for your specification. Model Probe is an add-on to SPECedit.

Using Model Probe, you are able to select entities and their properties from a model and insert a paragraph or table into your specification containing the same data, easily.  Once the data is placed, should the model be updated and the properties changed, your specification will update automatically.

Video Tutorials

View six tutorials on the use of Model Probe.

Model Probe features

Select entity types in your model, e.g. doors from the specification

SPECedit with Model Probe finds and lists only the entities in your model

Build specification text with the door criteria into the proper section.

Paragraph and table data can easily be formatted as section text.

Select material properties, e.g. concrete, for building property specifications.

Drill down into the entity types to find the ones you need.

If the model changes, update the specification with the changes.

Import an updated IFC file into your project and if changes are detected, update the paragraph or table text automatically



Model Probe reads <i> IFC files exclusively </i>, using OpenBIM!

IFC files from Autodesk Revit™ and Graphisoft ArchiCAD™ can be imported.



Choose entity properties (e.g. door function, door finishes) to be shown in the specification.

Select as few or as many as you need for your specification text.

Generate a report of the differences found in either view of the design.

Monitor progress of your spec edits and generate reports regularly until all data is migrated into the specification and is synchronized with the model