How to order

To order SPECedit, NMS-Edit Professional, the NMS, or an update of the NMS you already have, please download a 2019 order form, or contact us by dialing (877) 519-4484 or (613) 841-5852.

By subscribing to the 2019 NMS you receive:

  • a CD containing your NMS with the latest numbering, plus
  • a subscription to the NMS which includes a personalized access key allowing you to download for free, the next three updates from our site (those of 31 January, 30 April, 31 July or 31 October). We will notify you by email of the availability of each update and you will be able to download and use them immediately.

Download the most recent NMS/DDN table of contents, in English – click here or in French – click here.

When you update to get the 2019 version of the SPECedit specification management tool, you can enjoy a feature connecting your spec. to Revit™ or ArchiCad™ BIM models.

You can also complete the form below.

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Phone: 613-841-0050
Toll-free: 877-519-4ITI (4484)

Fax: 613-841-5876