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How often should I update my NMS?

How often should I update my NMS?

That is a great question and one I get asked often. I guess you’d expect me to say that you should update your masters every year. Guilty! However, things will change in 2018. In the past, many of our customers chose to purchase their specifications new one year and...

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NMS Professional

The National Master Specification (NMS) is the largest bilingual generic master construction specification available commercially in North America. The NMS is available in either the English or French languages. The NMS is continually altered to incorporate industry recommendations, product and construction changes, standard and code changes, and the like. 

Time savings

The NMS is a “deletion” master. Deleting inapplicable portions of the specification is faster and less prone to error than writing a document from scratch or copying from a previous project. Using a comprehensive master specification like the NMS reduces the work involved in specification writing and saves money.


The NMS is flexible and suitable for use on large, medium, or small projects; new or renovation construction; private or government work; or, varying tender or contract arrangements. The NMS does not restrict the designer from using any products, design concepts, or construction techniques.

Legal protection

The NMS embraces the accumulated expertise of Canada’s foremost authorities on specifications, contract documents and construction technology. The NMS is constantly reviewed by industry to ensure it represents current trade practices and construction technology. The text is clear, precise, and of sufficient detail to convey the desired meaning.


SPECedit is a word processing editor designed exclusively for construction specifications. It allows designers to quickly reduce master specifications created in any in any Word format into a single project specification file with a minimum of effort. SPECedit is built upon the technology of NMS-Edit.  NMS-Edit has been available for the Windows family of computers since 1983. Architects, engineers, specification writers, building owners and government agencies across the country use and recommend NMS-Edit for construction specifications. SPECedit connects to 3D CAD models using Model Probe™.  Check here for a description of Model Probe. Model Probe ensures your specification matches the properties in your model, saving you the potential of costly change orders if the design is misinterpreted. By taking advantage of the graphical user interface of Windows and integrating project management features, this new version, called SPECedit is easier to use than ever before. SPECedit is designed to be simple enough that architects, engineers and specification writers can use it, reducing the amount of proof reading and extra checking needed.  It has tools and features that make specification writing a dream: