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NMS Professional

Features of the NMS Professional

The National Master Specification (NMS) is the largest bilingual generic master construction specification available commercially in North America. The features include:

Time Savings

The NMS is a "deletion" master. Deleting inapplicable portions of the specification is faster and less prone to error than writing a document from scratch or copying from a previous project. Using a comprehensive master specification like the NMS reduces the work involved in specification writing and saves money.


The NMS is flexible and suitable for use on large, medium, or small projects; new or renovation construction; private or government work; or, varying tender or contract arrangements. The NMS does not restrict the designer from using any products, design concepts, or construction techniques.

Legal Protection

The NMS embraces the accumulated expertise of Canada's foremost authorities on specifications, contract documents and construction technology. The NMS is constantly reviewed by industry to ensure it represents current trade practices and construction technology. The text is clear, precise, and of sufficient detail to convey the desired meaning.

French and English

The NMS is available in either the English or French languages. In French it is called the Devis directeur national (DDN). Translating a document, if required, is faster and less costly as only the edited changes will need translation. The text in both languages follows the recognized current construction technology.

NMS Updates

The NMS is continually altered to incorporate industry recommendations, product and construction changes, standard and code changes, and the like. NMS customers purchase an annual update service on CD-ROM, for a modest yearly fee, to ensure that their investment in the NMS is protected.

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